Dirtebikers 2022 Terms and Conditions

The hired electric motorised bikes are the property of Dirtebikers.


Dirtebikers will rent to the hirer and use on the tours an UBCO electric motorised bike.


The electric motorised bike may be driven during the period of hire only by the persons named in this agreement and over the age of 14.

It is at the discretion of Dirtebikers to refuse use of the bikes, if they feel the person is not safe to operate the bikes and to ride on public roads.

Subject to the exclusions set out below, the hirer is indemnified in respect of
liability he or she might have to Dirtebikers
in respect of the loss or damage to the electric motorised bike, its accessories, spare parts and consequential loss of revenue
or other expenses of 
 Dirtebikers, including
costs of the electric motorised bike and its spare parts.


When hiring an electric motorised bike, ID in the form of a passport or driving licence will be required and a copy will be taken and Dirtebikers require a security deposit per electric motorised bike for security over the electric motorised bike being hired and will be returned upon return of the electric motorised bike in the same manner it was provided if there is no damage to the electric motorised bike or equipment provided.

Use of the electric motorised bike on any beach, golf course or other areas specified at the time of hire will result in loss of security.

All medical conditions must be disclosed to Dirtebikers upon making a booking.

If upon arrival to rent an electric motorised bike or take a tour, and you are under the influence of alcohol, your tour or rental will be cancelled and non refundable.

The electric motorised bike and other equipment supplied by Dirtebikers will be returned in the condition they were received.

Helmets must be worn and fastened at all times when driving the electric motorised bike. Knee guards and gloves will be offered.

The hirer shall not operate the electric motorised bike
or permit the electric motorised bike to be operated
as described below.

The client agrees to use the electric motorised bike avoid situations where they may be damaged, or cause damage to property and injury to persons.

When not in use or being watched, the electric motorised bike/bikes must be turned off, key removed and secured with the lock that has been provided free of charge with the hire.

The protection against theft is the client’s responsibility.

The indemnities referred to under Insurance shall not apply, and the hirer will be liable for unlimited excess
for any damage, injury or loss caused
arising from:

  1. Using
 or permitting
 the electric motorised bike to be used for the carriage of passengers.
  2. Subletting
 or hiring
 the electric motorised bike to another person, or permitting
 the electric motorised bike to be used by any other persons
 not included in this agreement
  3. Driving on the incorrect side of the road.
  4. Driving across white solid lines is not allowed and incurs a fine.
  5. Driving or attempting to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  6. Operating the electric motorised bike while it is in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition 
which has arisen
during the
course of the hire and that causes
 or contributes 
to the damage or loss, and
the hirer or driver 
 aware or 
ought to 
aware of the unsafe or
unroadworthy condition of the electric motorised bike.
  7. Operating the electric motorised bike in any race, speed test, rally, contest, or using it
to propel or tow any other vehicle.
  8. It is illegal to ride the electric motorised bike on a beach, pavement, boardwalks, golf course, private land or any other area advised by Dirtebikers.
  9. Wilfully or recklessly damaging or causing the complete loss of the electric motorised bike through wilful damage or reckless behaviour.
  10. Not to be used by a person who is not road competent i.e not driven on a road, ridden a bicycle on the road, does not know the highway code. Is unaware of the dangers of riding on the road.
  11. Being charged with an offence as a result of an accident.
  12. When operating the electric motorised bike outside the term of the hire or anyagreed extension of
that term.


shall supply the electric motorised bike in a safe and roadworthy condition.

shall be responsible for all routine maintenance
and costs of
running the electric motorised bike during the term of hire.

Dirtebikers will provide a full brief on how the electric motorised bikes work and safety measures while riding the electric motorised bike.


If the electric motorised bike is damaged or requires repairs or salvage whether because
of an accident or breakdown, the hirer shall advise Dirtebikers 
of the full circumstances by telephone immediately.

 shall be permitted to have
hours in which to repair or replace
the electric motorised bike.
If unable to do so, the owner will provide a refund for the days affected
 (unless damage was caused while operating as described under ‘Use of the electric motorised bike’)

The hirer shall not arrange or undertake any repairs or salvage without
authority of the owner
except to the extent that repairs are necessary to
prevent further damage to the electric motorised bike or other property.

The hirer shall ensure that no person shall interfere with the distance recorder or speedometer, braking or suspension systems
of the electric motorised bike except in an emergency.


The hirer, at or before the expiry of the term of hire, shall deliver the electric motorised bike to Dirtebikers 
at the address detailed in the agreement
or obtain
the consent of the owner to the continuation of the hire.

Should the hirer return the electric motorised bike earlier than stated on the agreement no refund will be given.

Should the hirer want to return the electric motorised bike later than stated on the agreement 
a daily charge will apply.

All electric motorised bike are delivered in perfect condition and should be verified by the client on collection noting any irregularity on this form. Any damage to the electric motorised bike should be notified on return.


Dirtebikers has
the right to terminate the hiring and take immediate 
possession of the electric motorised bike if the hirer fails to comply with any
terms of this agreement, or if the electric motorised bike is damaged. The termination of the
under the authority of this clause shall be without prejudice to the
other rights of the owner and the rights of the hirer under this agreement or otherwise.


The hirer is advised that in the event that the driver is charged with an offence as a result of an accident, then the hirer’s liability becomes unlimited.

 may also charge an administration fee of 30 EURO in addition to the
traffic offence charge.
The hirer is advised that should Dirtebikers 
 for an 
infringement fee, the hirer has the right to:

receive a copy of the infringement notice and any other reminder notice 
soon as practicable after it is received by Dirtebikers
challenge, query or object to the alleged offence to the
issuing enforcement authority;
seek a court hearing (within 56 days from the date of issue of the
infringement notice or 28 days for the date of issue of the reminder notice).


This agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the Portugal and all claims will only be heard in the Court of Loulé.

A booking will incur a 40% deposit, with the remainder to be payable on the day of the tour/rental.

A full refund will be given if a confirmed cancellation is made 14 days before the date of hire. If cancelled after this time, your deposit will not be refunded.

A booking can be changed to another date free of charge only if Dirtebikers is notified 14 days before original tour/rental is booked, subject to dates and times being available.